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In DNS, a CNAME record is a stand-in for another name. In a sense, it translates one name into another.


Why do I care about this?

Some overly conservative browsers such as Apple's Safari won't show images correctly if the images don't come from your domain. CNAME records are a way of saying is allowed to show images on your website. Read more about cross site cookie permissions.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. On the Internet, computers are known by a unique number called their IP address. For example:

For humans, this is cumbersome at best. Humans use names such as:

The Domain Name System is used to translate names into numbers ( = and numbers into names. ( =

What is a CNAME Record?

A CNAME record is a special type of DNS record that instead of mapping a name like to an IP address like, it maps to another name like This way, if wants to change the underlying IP address for, they don't have to call each person running code and have them change their DNS. just changes the IP address that resolves to and all the CNAMEs out there just work. continues to point to which points to the new IP address

How do I set up a CNAME Record

How you actually create a CNAME record depends on how your DNS is hosted. You either need to go to the people that host your DNS and ask them to create a new CNAME record for you, or you need to login to your domain name tools and create one yourself. Either way, you want to create a new CNAME record typically called and point it to Of course you would replace with your actual domain name.

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