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As a security measure, JustHumans.com blocks posts from the same IP address when they come within 30 seconds of eachother. If an IP tries to submit within the blackout period, 30 seconds is added to the blackout time for that IP so multiple attempts within the blackout period end up increasing the blackout period for that IP. This way, spam bots trying to attack a JustHumans.com by brute force are rejected.

You, as a webmaster testing your form, may run into this from time to time. The typical user, however, should never see it.

The block message looks like this:

Whoops, an error occurred! I'm getting too many posts from your IP address in a short time. This is a security mechanism put in place to keep spammers from attacking your form by brute force. Normal users should never see this warning. Give it a try after about 10 seconds. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The idea behind this is spammers try to guess what picture they need to select, by picking each one, one by one very quickly to try to get around JustHumans.com. This IP block makes this form of brute-force attack not work.

The JustHumans.com team.

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