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You can upload your own custom images for use in your forms.


General Guidelines

  • Don't just re-upload the standard images unless you are doing it for foreign language support.
  • Keep all images in the same format. (JPEG or PNG)
  • Keep all image sizes the same. 50 by 50 pixels is the highest resolution you should use.
  • Be very clear and simple with your images. Don't assume everyone knows all the characters on Star Trek, for example.
  • Be creative! Do something unusual that catches your visitor's attention and entertains them. Its bad enough that they have to jump through this spam elimination hoop, so anything you can do to make things fun is a huge help.

Create Some Images

  • Use image manipulation software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, PaintShop or The Gimp to create some custom images.
  • Keeping the images to no more than 50 pixels by 50 pixels in size, save them all as either Jpeg or PNG files.
  • Remember where you put them on your computer because you will need them soon.


  • Login into and navigate to the images page.
  • For each image, give it a name (such as "flower" or "kitten") that describes the image. This will be used in the prompt text when asks the user to select this image.
  • Click the "Browse..." button and select the image you created above.
  • Click "Upload File >>" to upload the file.


Once your image is uploaded, you can update the prompt text or delete the image. Keep in mind that if you delete an image, any form that uses that image will revert back to the default images if there are fewer than 6 custom images to choose from.


There are no limits to the number of images that you may upload and the same images can be used on any number of forms. However, inappropriate images will be deleted from the system.

Using Custom Images

  • Once you have a few images uploaded, navigate over to your forms page and edit a form.
  • Select all the images that you want to use with this form.
  • Click "Save" and test your form.
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