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When a form is submitted, you can optionally enable re-posting of the data to a URL of your choice. The URL that is used here is called the re-post URL.

Re-post URL vs. the redirect URL - What's the difference?

Every form must have a redirect URL. This is the URL to the "Thank You" page for the form when submissions happen. The re-post URL is not necessary for any form but supplies a way for to also post the form data back to the URL of your choice.

Public vs. Private

Generally, the re-post URL is not publicly known. The user's browser will never go there. The only post that should ever reach your re-post URL will be when creates a new post and sends data there. This way you won't have to enforce any form spam blocking techniques on the re-post URL because will only post to it when the user submitted a form with the correct image selected.


For example, you may have an existing form on your website that posts to that is getting form spam. You can consider that the post URL is publicly known and will likely continue to get form spam even after you erase this URL from your form. Let's change this URL slightly to this: and use this as our re-post URL in Now that no public HTML contains this new URL, form spam bots won't know where to post their form spam. However, knows about it and will post the form contents to it through a "back door" each time a valid form is submitted.

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